facts about cats: interesting facts about cat’s mind

Cats are an enigma that has captured the hearts of individuals for thousands of years. Their mysterious personalities and adorable looks have made them an incredibly popular pet, and consistent with a survey. 18% of households within the UK alone ruled by a cat. With numerous cats around us, surely that might mean that everybody knows everything possible about them. Read the full article to know facts about cats.

Here some awesome facts about cats

Cats aren’t smarter than dogs

According to data published in 2010 within the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Over the past 60 million years, the brain of dogs has noticeably increased in size. But nothing similar has been observed in cats.

facts about cats

A little about cat sex

Cats, like males of the many other animals, have small spikes on their penis. Scientists still can’t unequivocally state what function these outgrowths are about 1 mm long. But most agree that the spikes don’t allow the penis to slide out of the female’s vagina during ejaculation. And additionally, function a further source of sexual stimulation for both the cat and for the cat.

facts about cats

Cats rule you

This fact is confirmed by all owners of cats without exception. Pets don’t just meow and purr but attempt to establish communication with the owner during this way. Within the process of evolution and life, side by side with people. These tricks developed a cry of a special timbre, which an individual perceives as unbearably piercing and nasty. Of course, most frequently cats use this method of coaching people once they want to urge something edible and, as a rule, achieve the specified result.

Modern cats are often obese

In recent years, the matter of excess weight is increasingly affecting not only people but also their furry pets. Consistent with the results of research by the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Pets. About 54% of dogs and cats are more or less overweight. This suggests that among domestic cats around the world, approximately 324 million “fat”.

Cats live 10 minutes

Cats are ready to remember any obstacle in their environment for less than about 10 minutes. This conclusion was made by experts who supported the results of a study conducted in 2007.

During the experiment, scientists created artificial barriers that furry subjects had to beat. It clothed that if you stop a cat after it crossed an obstacle with its front legs and didn’t let it continue for 10 minutes. The animal forgets that it’s necessary to cross the barrier with its hind legs too. Although if you stop it for a brief time, the barrier is going to be “taken” practically directly.

facts about cats

Nowadays, there’s a “cat demographic explosion”

Of all the results of accelerating the typical annual temperature for cat lovers. The foremost joyful fact is that arises within the duration of warmth periods automatically prolongs the breeding season of cats, which suggests that kittens are going to be born more over time. Unfortunately, many of them run the danger of becoming stray. Since there’s no sharp increase within the number of individuals wishing to possess a cat.

Feline parasites can turn you into a neurotic and kill you

are ready to not only control people but also infect them with parasites that directly affect human personality. Microorganisms of the species Toxoplasma gondii are transmitted to cats from rats and mice, which, under the influence of this parasite, behave very recklessly and themselves search for places where they will encounter cats. If a fluffy pet has managed to eat an infected mouse, microbes will probably appear in its owner, which is fraught with the event of toxoplasmosis. A disease that will noticeably change a person’s behavior.

facts about cats
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