If you are thinking of having a dog or cat, then the last thing you need is a foul-smelling apartment. The main difference between them is that cats tend to take care of their own hygiene on their own, while dogs need help from their owners. Read the full article to know are cats cleaner than dogs

are cats cleaner than dogs

Hair care

Most cats have complex genetic programs to care for their hair. An ordinary cat can spend up to 50% of his wakeful time caring for himself or his brethren. She uses her rough tongue to lick and comb, and her teeth to remove hard and complex dirt. To clean the muzzle and other hard-to-reach spots, cats use their front paws moistened with saliva.

Unlike cats, dogs care for and clean only their paws and intimate places, and only a few breeds, including basenji, Siberian husky and some others, can care for their hair like cats. To keep your dog clean, she will need regular bathing and combing.

are cats cleaner than dogs, cats vs dogs


Both cats and dogs have their very specific habits in relation to the toilet. Cats prefer privacy when doing their “thing”, and it doesn’t matter whether they do it indoors or outdoors, and as a rule they bury the feces with sand or toilet filler. Cats living exclusively at home are especially fussy and worried about the cleanliness of their toilet litter, and often even refuse to share it with another cat. Dogs, however, on the contrary, very rarely worry about a place for a toilet, although they usually prefer grass over hard surfaces.

The smell of cats

Cats rarely have any human-perceptible odors unless they have health problems, age or obesity. Some medical conditions can cause urine and stool to build up around the genitals, which can cause odors. Cat litter trays also often produce a characteristic odor if not kept cleaner. In addition, cats, as you know, often begin to walk past the tray if the filler is not regularly changed in it.

are cats cleaner than dogs, cats vs dogs

Dog smells

Dogs are not able to care for themselves, as cats do, so dying skin cells or dandruff along with hair loss spread a lot of smells. In addition, the dog’s skin produces oils that are distributed with sweat and that carry additional chemical odors. Another faint smell of a dog is the smell of glands that are located inside the ears. Together, these smells combine, mix and give the dog its normal, normal “dog” smell. If the animal has an infection of the ear or skin, this can make the smell much stronger. Regular cleaning and bathing will help minimize this odor.


Both cats and dogs periodically lose their hair, which contributes to the general pollution of the house. Some breeds, such as poodles, molt less than other dogs, while some cats, such as the sphinx, molt very little due to lack of hair. Nevertheless, even the so-called hypoallergenic breeds of dogs and cats constantly spread dying skin cells, which is the main cause of allergies in animals.

are cats cleaner than dogs, cats vs dogs

Oral care

Dental care is essential for maintaining overall health in cats and dogs. Their main dental problems are plaque and stone, as well as gum disease. No matter how often you brush your teeth with a dog or cat, they continue to carry a lot of bacteria in their mouths, which can cause problems if you are bitten. Dogs use their mouths in almost all activities, including checking each other’s intimate parts, so letting your dog lick you is not a good idea. Cats use their tongue and teeth to care for themselves, as well as to eat raw meat and fish, so the bacteria in the cat’s mouth are less specific than the dog.

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