What could be better than coming home, where a loyal and faithful furry friend will be waiting for you. Having a pet is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You need to weigh the pros and cons, but if you do decide, here are some tips for choosing a Bengal cat that may come in handy. Read on to know Bengal cat price.

The first thing you need to mentally prepare for is the price. It must be understood that these cats are purebred, as it is fashionable to say now elite, and the price for them is appropriate. The cost in the USA for Bengal cats varies greatly and can range from 200 to 1500 USD. We will return to the prices, but for now, everything is in order.

Bengal cat price: how mush Bengal cat cost

Bengal cat price

Description of the breed

This species appeared in 1963 in America, thanks to the crossing of an ordinary cat with a leopard, hence the characteristic spotted color of the breed. It was the color that played a role in the popularization of these cats throughout the world. Many people want to have an exotic animal right at home, but they do not always have enough courage and elementary place.

The Bengal cat is ideal in this sense, if not for its small size. It is not surprising to confuse such an animal with a wild inhabitant of the savannah. Experts note several features of this breed:

  • Bengals” are very attached to the place and people with whom they are for a long time.
  • The friendliness and playfulness make the cat the perfect gift for children.
  • Taking care of her is quite easy, given that she is a cross between a leopard and a cat, she has independence and a free character.

The features of this breed are very noticeable. First, the head is wedge-shaped and the location of the ears is slightly different from what we are used to. There is an opinion that these animals are aggressive due to their origin, but this is not so. They have only 15 – 20% of leopard genes, and they mainly reflected in the appearance of the animal. Also, unlike their counterparts, these spotted ones love water.

Bengal cat price: how mush Bengal cat cost

Approximate prices for Bengal cats

It is impossible to tell with precision about the prices, as they are different in each State in the USA. For example, in California and other large states, such a cat will cost much more than in another sparsely populated area.

Low-class animals can cost from 200 to 660 USDCats of a high, elite class cost from 660 to 1500 USD. Such cats mainly purchased for various exhibitions or to participate in competitions, or in the end as a gift dear to their hearts.

Bengal cat price: how mush Bengal cat cost

What determines the price

First of all, the main component of prices is the breed of a cat, the more intense the color of the leopard, the higher the price for it. The age of the cat also plays an important role. Kittens are much more expensive than adults. This is due to the fact that the kitten is easier to train and bring closer to your way of life.

It should be said that the kitten is ready to move to a new place at the age of 3-4 months, not earlier. In order to avoid problems in the future, it is necessary to conclude a sale and purchase agreement between the seller and the breeder, together with the agreement, the buyer receives all the relevant documents, including the pedigree (if any).

The price also largely depends on the class of the animal. The lowers the class of compliance with all parameters, the lower the cost. The class determined by several parameters, such as color, breeding stock, the difficulty of care, health, and so on.

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