No matter how we loved our pets. regardless of how we spoil them. But, sometimes they will arrange such you’ll be shocked by what you see. The character of a cat, sort of a person, isn’t always ideal, and it’s not such a lot the animals that always obey. Now we’ll mention the bad behaviors of cats, which we raise ourselves. Follow reading the full article to know the Cat behavior problems that we raise ourselves.

Cat behavior problems


The first and most vital you can’t indulge all the desires of a cat. A cat must sometimes hear the words no or not. Remember that the character of the cat is made within the first 6 months. Spoiling during this era, the cat gets won’t to and re-education is going to be extremely difficult.

Cat behavior problems, lovely cat

Night activity

If your pet is going to be playing you in the dark, don’t be alarmed, this is often absolutely normal behavior. Is it possible to defeat nature and take a nap in the dark ?! Can. don’t let the nap during the day and make it play with the assistance of homes, toys, etc.

Selectivity within the feed

Having accustomed a cat to a particular food, you’ll not force it to eat other food. The animal will starve, but won’t touch food. it’s advisable to think about this question beforehand.

Cat behavior problems, lovely cat

Sleep in bed

Cats wish to sleep where it’s warm and therefore the bed is that the perfect place for them, especially with a soft blanket. you ought to decide whether or not cats can sleep on the bed. If not, then the cat should have several separate places, but comfortable and warm.

It’s time to sharpen the claws

The cat must sharpen the claws, then they’re going to be healthy and sharp. for a few animals, this is often an honest thanks to settling down. to save lots of their furniture, cats should be familiar with the scratching post, previously purchased within the store, from 4 months aged. If it did not accustom the cat to the scratching post, then on the furniture stick sticky double-sided tapes or use special sprays.

Cat behavior problems, lovely cat

Jumping onto tables, etc

A cat, studying its habitat, can jump to anywhere. Such behavior shouldn’t be encouraged, and you ought to immediately make it clear that you simply can’t take it here. Often, a cat is interested in products left on the table. attempt to clean everything.


Before the looks of a fluffy lump within the house, you ought to establish the principles of what’s possible and what’s impossible for a replacement tenant and is followed by the entire family. You can’t give the slightest indulgences, or the cat will later ignore you. But at an equivalent time, it’s impossible to beat or slap an animal, this may not correct things, but the stomach is embittered.

Cat behavior problems, lovely cat


A healthy animal will never be aggressive towards its owner. But can attack the guests. If a cat pounces on the owner, don’t calm him down, stroke him, and even more so give him goodies. this may cause constant aggression.

Loud meow

If your cat is meowing loudly, it means she lacks attention. Basically, this happens in cats familiar with constant attention, especially hands.

Cat behavior problems, lovely cat


At the time once you eat, the cat sits next to you and appears, or will ask, wiping on your feet. Many don’t stand it and provides the foremost delicious piece. Over time, the cat realizes that it can get another batch of goodies if it shows perseverance. She doesn’t just await refreshments, but demands, if they don’t share together with her, she starts to urge angry. If you would like to treat your pet, it should be only from his bowl.

And so, the pet must be addressed from the primary days of life. explain what’s possible and what’s not. don’t beat animals.

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