Cat ear mites: symptoms and treatment

cat ear mites
cat ear mites

Cat ear mites is a tiny parasite that causes the animal a lot of suffering and discomfort. Ear tick has a life cycle that lasts about three weeks. They can cause irritation and inflammation, and can also lead to infection of both the outer ear and inner ear canal.

There are several different types of ear mites that parasitize cats, but the most common is Otodectes cynotis. These are ticks that feed on oils and wax found in the animal’s ears. Parasites cause a serious disease – otodectosis. To rid the animal of torment, it is important to react in time and start treatment.

Cat ear mites: symptoms and treatment

Cat ear mite

The ear mite in cats is a tiny tenacious arthropod. Before puberty, the parasite has time to shed several times (discards the rough shell). Microscopic jaws firmly dig into the skin and suck out the intercellular fluid.

What does an ear mite look like:

  • length – 0.2-0.6 mm (the size of a semolina);
  • body shape is oval;
  • color – yellow;
  • eight limbs and two pedipalps.

Many owners have a question, is the ear mites in cats not transmitted to humans, or not? In fact, for humans, the parasite does not pose any danger. The ear mites of cats are dangerous for dogs, hamsters, and decorative rabbits. They also settle in the ears of the animal and cause severe discomfort.

The veterinarian will prescribe medication for ear mites in cats after diagnosis. The main thing is to consult a specialist in time, as untimely treatment can lead to hearing impairment in a pet.

Cat ear mites: symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of cat ear mites

Signs of cat ear mites:

  • excessive combing of the affected ear;
  • hair loss;
  • waxy discharge appears;
  • inflammation and itching;
  • coffee grounds garbage
  • scabs or scratches around the ears;
  • disorientation.

The main symptoms of otodectosis are hard to miss. The animal becomes nervous, constantly shakes its head, while it can meow loudly and pityingly. The head during scabies will lean towards the affected ear.

If you notice such symptoms, you need to contact a veterinarian. The ear mite in cats, whose symptoms may not immediately appear, can be dangerous for the health and life of your pet (the disease leads to inflammatory processes in the membranes of the brain, followed by a painful death). Symptoms and treatment should be constantly monitored to prevent complications.


It is very difficult to independently recognize ear mites. But if you look closely, you will notice black microscopic black grains (parasite secretions). Otodectosis in cats, how to determine the development of the disease at the initial stage? In order to get an accurate diagnosis, the veterinarian will take the discharge from the animal’s ear. Under the microscope, small yellowish-colored moving points will be visible. This will mean infection.

Cat ear mites: symptoms and treatment

Cat ear mites treatment

How are ear mites treated in cats? This question is asked by every owner whose pet exhibits the above symptoms. Treatment of otodectosis should begin on time in order to prevent complications. In order to help your pet, it is important to know how to deal with ear mites. There are a lot of drugs. It can be ointments, injections, gels, drops. Ear drops for cats from ticks are prescribed by specialists after a diagnosis is made.

Get rid of the ear mite:

  • The ear mite of the cat is removed in complete sterility. First of all, we clean the cat’s ears – we treat the affected skin with an antiseptic.
  • With the help of an ear stick (soaked in peroxide) from the ears, you need to get all the dirt and dried out secretions. This will help cleanse crusts, scabs, waste products of parasites, pus, and other secretions. Remember, removing the ear mite from the cat in the right way, you will avoid any dangerous consequences.
  • For the treatment of ear mites, we use anti-mite drugs. After cleansing the affected ear, you should use the acquired drugs, for example, drops from an ear tick for cats.

Home treatment involves complete sterility. The procedure should be carried out with gloves. If this happened for the first time with your pet, and you don’t know how to cure the cat and how to treat painful symptoms, then it is better to consult a specialist. Experienced veterinarians know how ear mites are treated in cats, so their treatment methods will help to avoid the consequences. The ear mite is treated for a long time due to the fact that the initial stage does not bear any signs. But if you notice the symptoms on time, the treatment will go much faster.

Cat ear mites: symptoms and treatment

Prevention of cat ear mites

So, we know everything about identifying and treating ear mites, but what most people want to know is how to prevent them altogether. Is the ear tick in cats known to be life threatening? Therefore, prevention is really the best thing you can do for your pet, because these arthropods are dangerous to their life.

Prevention measures are simple:

  • To prevent parasites, it is important to clean your cat’s ears regularly. This will allow you to see any problems at an early stage.
  • Prevent contact with stray animals. Homeless cats should not be touched by a person either, because a parasite can “come” to your house, parasitizing on human clothes or shoes.
  • Strengthen the immunity of the animal. Feed foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • In the season of parasite activity, you can use special drops or ointments, which will become a barrier to the penetration of ticks into the skin.

No need to immediately panic if you suspect Otodectosis. Modern or alternative drugs will help to overcome the problem and restore a good mood and good health to your pet. The main thing to remember – prevention of an ear mite in cats will provide a pet with reliable protection against “uninvited guests”.

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