cat losing weight: 10 main reasons why your cat is losing weight.

If you notice that your cat is losing weight, it’s important to seek out out the cause and supply timely assistance. You would like to start out from the norm of weight, if you are doing not skills to calculate it, it’s better to consult a veterinarian who will assess the overall condition of the pet. Noticing that the pet has lost weight, don’t panic, the load of the cat can change for completely natural reasons. Read the full article to know why your cat losing weight.

Reasons why your cat losing weight


Helminths or worms destroy the body of the animal from the within. Albeit the cat eats tons, the cat losing weight. Helminths enter the animal with dirty shoes, unwashed hands, an unclean tray. Cleanliness and hygiene will protect the cat. To combat worms, special products are sold, taken on the average about six months.

cat losing weight, nice cat

Damage to internal organs

To answer the question of why the cat losing weight, it’ll help the analysis within the veterinary clinic. Disturbances within the gastrointestinal system are noticeable externally. These are impurities within the urine and therefore the consistency of the stool, an unusual color. During the amount of the disease, the pet’s appetite decreases, he eats little.


The problem could also be the looks of a replacement pet. The cat’s health is under serious stress thanks to nervous experience. Therefore, once a rich person, it’s going to begin to reduce during a few months. Any change for the pet may be a long addiction.

cat losing weight, nice cat

Summer heat

Within the summer the cat loses weight with an honest appetite, this is often normal. within the summer season, a furry animal sheds its hair, and thanks to temperature stress, it eats but in frosty winters.


A losing weight old cat should still be checked by a veterinarian, except for animals that sleep most of the time, weight loss may be a common occurrence.

cat losing weight, nice cat


Neoplasms on the body and particularly within the body aren’t easy to detect. With benign tumors, the cat shouldn’t reduce.


The quality of food determines the load of the animal, how quickly it loses weight, what proportion it eats, affects the processes within the body. You can’t drastically change the cat’s diet from dry to liquid or to homemade food. Even a dog who is a smaller amount picky about food won’t begin to get over this. Changing the menu for a pet may be a sequential and long process, during which he loses weight anyway.

cat losing weight, nice cat

Nature is looking

During the mating period, animals, especially those that freely go outside, can ditch food and reduce. This condition doesn’t require correction. After a period of “walks”, the shape is restored.

Emotions burn fat

If the animal experiences strong emotions, whether positive or negative, it can significantly reduce. If this is often not constant debilitating stress, it doesn’t reach exhaustion and therefore the animal doesn’t require treatment.

cat losing weight, nice cat
gray cat in grass

The joys of motherhood

Nursing cats have an honest appetite but often reduce when feeding kittens. If there are tons of cubs, the animal isn’t ready to eat the maximum amount of food as is required to chop costs. The cat will round off when the feeding process is complete.

Depending on the explanation for weight loss, various procedures and dietary changes are often prescribed. the foremost important step within the treatment of the underlying disease, which was the basis explanation for thinness. altogether cases, except oncology, the prognosis is favorable. albeit cancer is detected, quality support and therapy will help extend the lifetime of the pet.

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