cat nail trimming: Is it good to trim your cat nails

Cats have fast responses and really sharp teeth. they’re also alert and versatile. Their nails, on the opposite hand, can cause chaos on prey animals, supposed predators, damage your sofas, carpet drapes, and even hurt people that might are available their way. So read the article to know cat nail trimming and if Is it good to trim your cat nails?

Why do you have to Trim Your Cat Nails

you’ll be ready to save your furniture and other stuff reception from scratches

One of the common reasons for a manicure is furniture redemption. As we all know cats like to press and scratch on anything they could handily get their mitts on. In actual fact, scratching aids a more convenient purpose than we usually think. additionally thereto, scratching lets your cat stretch his/her shoulder muscles and back.

Even though scratching is important for your cat’s well-being, that costly sofa could be essential to yours also. Thus, to stay your sofa nearly as good looking and useful as possible, then consider trimming your cat nails. Or better yet, invest during a scratching post.

Trimming the nails of your cat will keep you and people safe

No matter how adorable and precious your cat, he or she is going to sometimes spit you and people using his/her nails whether without or with intent.

In order to avoid this from happening, you would like to trim your cat nails regularly. More importantly, show your cat that you simply deserve some respect also.

It keeps your cat comfortable and healthy

This is arguably the foremost important reason why do you have to trim your cat’s nails. Trimming your feline’s nails will make him comfortable and healthy at an equivalent time.

When your cat nails become too long, they’ll start to twist inside towards his/her mitts. If this happens, your cat may need a difficult time walking properly. because the days have gone by, this might possibly affect your cat’s gait and without a doubt start to affect its activity level.

Nonetheless, trimming will keep your cat active. What’s more, it helps your cat get the exercise that he/she needs so as to remain fit.

cat nail trimming,nice cat with a child

How to Trim Your Cat Nails

Before trimming the nails of your cat, confirm that he/she is comfortable with the existence of the nail trimmer. you’ll do that by introducing the trimmer during your calm petting session.

On the opposite hand, confirm to not rush things. As a matter of fact, getting too quick might stress your cat or worst cause you scratched or bitten.

cat nail trimming, little kitten

Either way, here’s the way to trim your cat nails properly:

  • Begin by placing a blanket or towel in your lap in order that you’ll be ready to catch the nails and stop them from digging to your lap. aside from that, prepare a styptic pen or styptic powder. This thing actually comes in handy if you narrow the cuticle accidentally because it stops the bleeding. Nevertheless, you’ll purchase a styptic pen or powder at pet supply shops.

  • Pick a time when your feline is relaxed.

  • If you think that he/she feels relaxed choose paw, to start with.

  • Cats Usually have white nails with a pink base. However, the pink part consists of a cuticle where the blood vessels and nerves are. Of course, you don’t want to chop this pink part because it may cause bleeding and pain. Thus to stop this from happening, search for the world during which the pink part ends and therefore the white nail begins.

  • After locating the proper area, squeeze your cat’s paw gently to point out of the nail. With the assistance of a nail trimmer that’s specially designed for pets or cats quickly trim the white part (about 1mm or 2mm). When you’re trimming attempt to stop your cat from hopping on your lap.

  • Praise your cat by offering rope, cat chow as an example. If your cat isn’t agitated or not anxious, while doing the method, pick another paw, and repeat an equivalent process.
cat nail trimming, beautiful cat

How Often do you have to Trim Your Cat Nails?

If you own an older feline, you’ll trim his/her nails every few weeks, because older ones may need a tough time withdrawing their claws. What’s more, older cats are vulnerable to injury.

But if you own an outside feline you’ll do that less often in order that you’re not carelessly eliminating his/her weapon against critters and other cats he might encounter. In fact, outdoor felines trim their nails naturally by scratching and climbing trees.

cat nail trimming, lying cat

By now, needless to say, you’re already conscious of how crucial manicure for your cat is and the way to try to to it properly. However, if you’re scared to try to do this on your own because your cat is probably going to make an enormous fuss. Then consider bringing your cat to a groomer or vet. Hopefully, you’ve learned tons from this post.

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