Sometimes the owners of cats are upset that the pet refuses to eat. If the cat doesn’t eat for several days, don’t panic and don’t panic, generally, this is often an abnormal phenomenon. At any age, the cat must feel the necessity for food. Otherwise, it becomes unclear where it takes energy to play with you or frolic the space. Read the full article to know why your cat is not eating.

cat not eating

Why my cat not eating

A possible cause is worms. during this case, you want to immediately contact a veterinarian or a veterinary pharmacy. There they’re going to advise you pills or drops that are ready to deal with this problem in two to 3 times. The cat will have an appetite because the body will lose tons of energy within the fight against parasites.

Sometimes it happens that a cat loses his appetite if you are doing a permutation or maybe move to a replacement place of residence. Cats are so sensitive to a change of place that it’s a disaster for them if you modify their place of stay. an equivalent goes for food bowls.

cat not eating

Some cats don’t eat anything after castration. As for cats, they are going on a fast before estrus and before childbirth. At this point, it’s not necessary to feed the animals by force. Pouring the broth into their mouth or pushing pieces of meat. When animals come to their senses, they start to frantically absorb food. Then you’ll get to make sure that the pet doesn’t overheat.

Feed your animals only quality food. Additionally, the cat may refuse food for the rationale that you simply abruptly replaced dry food, say, with potatoes. So dramatically, cats aren’t ready to change their tastes. attempt to combine food by combining potatoes with dry food. Gradually, the animal will become familiar with such a diet and, possibly, will begin to eat regular food.

cat not eating

Keep track of how and the way you wash your food bowl. don’t use detergents. Especially if you washed the bowl hurriedly, the froth will remain anyway. The cat’s bowl, just like the toilet, must be washed thoroughly with a predicament. Otherwise, there’ll be an unpleasant smell and soap foam. The cat may be a noble animal. she is going to not eat from dirty dishes.

If the cat not eating anything – this is often not a reason to right away sound the alarm. Follow him, given the above points. If the cat doesn’t eat and at an equivalent time looks licked and lifeless. It’s better to consult a veterinarian. Don’t treat a pet without knowing the rationale for his refusal to eat, clearly understanding that the cat is in poor condition.

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