Diabetes in cats and the way to affect it

Each owner wants to require care of his cat for several years. Each pet ailment causes deep feelings during a loving person. And if we are talking about practically incurable diseases. Then a terrible diagnosis can sound like hell from a transparent sky. However, with a fast diagnosis and properly taken measures, you’ll even cure a pet who has diabetes. Read the full article to know Diabetes in cats and the way to affect it.

Features of the disease in cats

The pancreas functions within the body of animals within the same way as in humans. But not all pet owners understand this. Therefore, many people surprised once they receive a positive answer to the question of whether cats have diabetes. In fact, the sorts of disease are slightly different from the course of the disease in humans. Animals have three sorts of diabetes.

  • With this type of disease, the animal’s pancreas completely stops producing insulin. most frequently, it collapses. As a result, animals in most cases die.
  • The second form resembles type 2 diabetes in humans. During this case, insulin is produced within the body, but cells cannot absorb it. You’ll treat such diabetes without injecting insulin. Most frequently, this type of the disease is manifested by obesity.
  • Diabetes mellitus in cats can develop after infections or as a complication of chronic inflammatory diseases. With proper treatment, this type of disease is definitely cured.

If you recognize it in time, then you’ll easily overcome diabetes during a cat. Symptoms and treatment of it are almost equivalent as in humans, but it’s important to properly look after the animal.

Causes of diabetes in cats

Diabetes occurs in cats for a reason. Veterinarians attribute a variety of things to the causes of the disease:

  • Improper nutrition (we are talking not only a few lots of sweets but also about metabolic disorders thanks to unbalanced nutrition).
  • Disorders within the gastrointestinal system (gastritis, peptic ulcer, enteritis, etc.). Often gastrointestinal diseases cause malfunctions of the pancreas.
  • Chronic diseases of the liver or gall bladder.
  • Overfeeding (obesity may be a predisposing think about the event of diabetes).
  • Heredity – an outsized role within the development of diabetes is played by a genetic predisposition. Many breeders exclude cats affected by DM or metabolic disorders from the breeding work.
  • Viral infections that cause pancreatitis or hepatitis.
  • The use of hormonal drugs.
  • State of stress. Overexcitation of the systema nervosum often results in malfunctions of the glands of the hormone.


Diabetes mellitus in cats is split into two main types – type 2 diabetes is thanks to low insulin levels, and sort 1 – its complete absence
Cat body anatomy

Type 1.

The development of the disease consistent with type 1. It’s related to a functional change within the pancreas, during which all beta cells die. This is often extremely rare and one among the foremost dangerous sorts of diabetes.

The second type.

The second type is thanks to the shortage of insulin gland production by the cells. During this case, the pancreas doesn’t die, but the quantity of hormone produced isn’t enough for normal functioning. This is often the foremost common sort of diabetes, occurs in 70 – 80% of cases. If not treated, then the pathology will enter the primary type – insulin-dependent.

The third type.

More recently, type 3 diabetes has been discovered. Its symptoms are somewhat different from the diseases of the primary two types. This sort of diabetes is caused by damage to the pancreas, which may be caused, for instance, pancreatitis, a tumor, mechanical damage as a result of surgery. DM in cats and cats of the third type is the “easiest”. Its treatment also requires insulin injections, although at lower doses than with type 1 and sort 2 diseases.

How to treat the disease

After confirming the diagnosis for the owner comes a difficult time. The treatment of this disease is extremely long, includes a group of measures. Therefore, some owners plan to euthanize the animal. But during a patient owner, a cat can recover and live for several more years. The most thing is to follow all the doctor’s recommendations. Only a specialist understands the way to influence diabetes during a cat. Symptoms and treatment of it are almost like the course of the disease in humans. Therefore, insulin injections are most frequently prescribed.

The difficulty is selecting the proper dosage of the drug. Therefore, after the primary injection of an approximate dose. It’s necessary to live the extent of glucose within the blood every 2 hours. Supported these data, the doctor draws conclusions about the peculiarities of insulin absorption and adjusts the dosage and time of administration of the drug.

What differently am I able to influence diabetes during a cat? Treatment also consists of a special diet and diet. Sometimes sugar-lowering drugs within the sort of tablets used, but they fairly often have side effects. Cats have prescribed equivalent medications as humans but during a different dosage. Most frequently it’s “Acarbose”, “Metformin”, “Glipizid”.

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