The cat has domesticated many thousands of years ago. In ancient times she protected the stocks of edible from mice and other rodents, now these animals have become a decoration at home, family favorites and just pet fluffies, with whom it is pleasant to spend time together. But there are still interesting facts about cats, which not all of their owners are familiar with.

Unusual facts about the habits of cats

One of the most interesting facts is the amount of sleep that distinguishes both domestic and street cats. On average, the most ordinary domestic cat spends 2/3 of its life in a dream. This is noticed by all owners who see how most of the time the cat spends lying on the couch or armchair.

The question that owners are asking is why their pets rub on their feet. There is a version that cats express love for humans this way, but this is a misconception. In fact, an animal with a delicate sense of smell interrupts someone else’s smell, which inevitably settles on clothing, with its own. Cats develop their “perfume” from glands located at the base of the tail and between the eyes of the animal. And in order to attract human attention to themselves, cats use purrs. This is a more effective way, familiar to the cat from the time when they were very tiny.

facts about cats

The nature of the pet depends on belonging to a particular breed. For example, a Burmese cat has the calmest and gentle disposition, while he is very smart. Representatives of this breed like to sit on their owner’s lap in debt.

As for intelligence, one of the smartest breeds can be called Maine Coon cats. These big cats are very good at training, they can even perform complex tricks and commands.

Often people letting their cats free-range notice that pets are happy to eat fresh green grass or the leaves of some trees. Why do they do this, the most common question in this case? This positively affects their digestion, as well as in order to induce vomiting in order to clear the stomach of the hair.

Another interesting fact is related to the cat’s voice. These fluffy pets are owners of a truly wide range of tones compared to other animals. They can emit more than a hundred different in intonation sounds of meowing and purring. For comparison, dogs have about a dozen vocal shades.

facts about cats

Facts About Why People Love Cats

Felinologists have found that the structure of the fluffy brain is similar to the structure of the human. The same departments are located for emotions, which are located in the same parts of the brain. This may explain why these animals and humans interact well with each other.

The cat is loved for its grace, beauty, grace. Any of its actions are performed plastic, smoothly. Just watching how it moves, many owners enjoy aesthetic pleasure, as well as uplifting.

One of the main reasons why people love these little predators is their fur. They are very nice to iron when coming home from work. Tactile contact between a person and an animal can relax, calm, relieve stress, or even bring the owner into a benevolent mood.

Many owners are confident that the cat is able to relieve pain in case of malaise. They intuitively feel it and are located on the head of a person who at the same time experiences relief. There is no scientific evidence for this phenomenon. We can only assume that a pleasant tactile contact with a pet distracts from discomfort.

facts about cats

Interesting facts about cats for children

Playing with a cat, a child gains experience on how to properly handle defenseless pets. He learns that the cat is not a soft toy and you should not pull it by the tail. There are other positive aspects of contact between an animal and a child:

gives the child a lot of positive emotions;
not able to scare a child like a dog, especially a large one;
the child receives animal handling skills;
children with pets are more responsible, affectionate, and caring.

As the child grows, some items from the care of the pet may be added to his or her responsibilities, for example, giving food or pouring water on them. So the child gets the skills of hard work, responsibility.

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