how often should I bathe my cat

how often should i bathe my cat
how often should i bathe my cat

How often should I bathe my cat for a certain period of time? The opinions of the hosts did not agree. Some people think that it’s impossible to bathe domestic cats at all, because by themselves, these animals love cleanliness, constantly lick their fur and do not need additional care, and they don’t like water. The latter is convinced of the importance of helping the pet maintain hygiene. But the truth lies in the middle.

how often should I bathe my cat

how often should i bathe my cat
Adult Woman Washing and Kissing a Siberian Cat.

Do I need to wash a cat

All pets, throughout their lives, need water treatments. We have to bathe them more than once, as dirt and tassels appear on the wool. But the owner wants to see his pet well-groomed and beautiful.

In which cases you need to bathe a cat

You need to wash your “cat” only in justified situations, for example, when:

  • Wool is tangled, the shine has disappeared.
  • The “Mustachioed naughty” knocked over something or climbed somewhere.
  • If fleas are wound up. After bathing should be treated.
  • When signs of an allergic reaction are present, lichen, dermatitis, and other skin diseases.
  • Homeless “pussies” brought from the street.
  • In preparation for the exhibition.

Some cases of illness require a doctor’s prescription.

how often should i bathe my cat

how often should I bathe my cat

How often can I bathe cats, this is especially interesting for pet owners. No need to arrange a bathing day every week, it is recommended to do this once every 2-3 months. The little predator is used to keeping its fur clean. Frequent bathing can be harmful, as the protective grease produced by special glands is washed off.

It is important to share the need for proper washing of the pet and the partial rubbing of contaminated areas. In the case when the cat got dirty in the tray or returned from a walk, you just need to remove the dirt with a warm, damp cloth. You can use liquid baby soap, previously dissolved in water.

How to train a cat for swimming

So that the pet is not exposed to stress, it is necessary to accustom to water in stages, it is better to start from an early age. Kittens are not recommended to be washed before the appearance of permanent teeth. First, you can dip your feet in warm water. You can wash it for the first time 3 weeks after changing teeth. It is necessary to allow the animal to adapt, it is impossible to rush. Kids are not as clean as their “mothers” and “dads”, a kitten can be smeared because of its curiosity. In this regard, the recommendations of veterinarians say: – young animals should be bathed as the coat becomes soiled.

how often should i bathe my cat

How to wash a cat

It is necessary to prepare in advance a large towel, detergent. It is advisable to remove all unnecessary objects from the bathroom, close the door, the window from the drafts.

The washing itself should take place at a comfortable temperature – about 35-37 degrees. If the pet is very hot or cold, he can get scared, especially if he is afraid of water. Fill the bathtub for 20-30 centimeters, slowly lower the animal there. It is recommended to take it by the withers, there is a painless zone. Then thoroughly moisten the skin, be sure to make sure that water does not fill in the eyes, nose, ears.

Squeeze a little shampoo onto your palm, then massage the hair lightly with rubbing movements. It is allowed to use a soft brush. It is more convenient to bathe a domestic cat from a shower hose, with a mild pressure of warm water. If necessary, you can re-soap. Rinse the coat thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent and wipe the animal well.

Optimal water temperature

It is very important to prepare comfortable water for bathing your pet. You must adhere to these rules:

  • very hot water can burn delicate skin, it will be correct to set the indicator to 40 degrees (focus on the breed). If the pet is trembling, then the water is very cold for him;
  • in the room where the kitty will take a bath, it should be warm, at least 23 degrees Celsius.
    To determine the temperature, you must use a thermometer, not a palm or elbow.
how often should i bathe my cat

Contraindications for swimming

There are cases when it is forbidden to wash pets:

  • in the postoperative period. Full recovery usually takes a month and a half;
  • in late pregnancy cats. You should not wash it at this time, stress can cause premature birth;
  • after vaccination, within 14 days. Veterinarians believe that immunity at this time is weakened;
  • when the animal is sick, washing can cause deterioration.

If the pet owner is concerned, water procedures should be discontinued.

Drying after bathing

The washed animal should be wrapped in a terry towel or sheet. For long-haired breeds, prepare an extra diaper to completely collect moisture. You can dry the hair with a hairdryer if sharp sounds do not scare the “murka”. It is better to set the device to a warm air supply; a very hot stream can cause burns. So that the animal does not catch a cold, there is a condition – it is necessary to leave it for 1 hour in a warm room.

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