How to clean cat ears at home

how to clean cat ears at home
how to clean cat ears at home

“How to clean cat ears at home?” – This question is often asked by the owners of these furry pets. Regular cleaning of the ears of cats and small kittens is mandatory hygiene and preventive measure. Timely performed manipulations to ensure the hygiene of the organs of the hearing prevent the appearance of various ear diseases and allow you to maintain good hearing in pets for life.

How to clean cat ears at home

To understand what and how to properly clean the cat ears, you need to find out the nature of the origin of pollution. Ears can become dirty for several reasons :

  • tick infection;
  • otitis;
  • excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, which depends on the breed of the cat;
  • natural pollution;
  • allergic reactions.
How to clean cat ears at home

Ear Cleaning Frequency

A healthy pet does not need constant cleaning of the ears, usually this is done only if such a need arises. A preventive visual inspection is recommended at least once every 10-14 days. It is enough to clean the ears of a pet from accumulated dirt only once a month.

Cats of breeds subject to increased deposition of sulfuric matter are inspected much more often. It all depends on the specific physiological characteristics of the pet. Some animals require auricles every 2-3 days.

Ear Cleaning Rules

The procedure for cleaning the ears carries a lot of stress for cats. They behave uneasily, can show aggression. To reduce the discomfort of carrying out manipulations in front of her, it is recommended to observe some conditions :

  • play with the animal, distract him;
  • let sniff items that will be cleaned;
  • calm the pet by stroking;
  • at the end of the hygiene of the ears of the cat, treat your favorite treat.

For cleaning, it is best to use special cat ear care products that can be instilled into the auricle. With the help of such products, dirt, plaque, crusts will soften and the procedure will be easier for the cat.

It is forbidden to use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and soap solutions for installation. After all, the internal auditory meatus is very delicate, and such funds can burn it, dry it. They can only be used to cleanse the outer ear by applying them to a cotton pad.

How to clean cat ears at home

Preparation of necessary tools

It is recommended to prepare the following items in advance: a dense blanket, several cotton buds (it is better to use special children’s shoes so that the possibility of ear injury is minimized), and a cleaning solution. This liquid can be prepared independently on the basis of furatsilina or hydrogen peroxide, or you can buy a special tool in a veterinary store. You can rinse the cat’s ear with the Barsik special gel for cleaning the ears.

How to clean your cat and kitten’s ears at home

The ears cleaning process includes the following sequential steps:

  1. An unaccustomed or overly frisky pet should be fixed with a towel or sheet. The limbs and the body are wrapped with fabric, only the head remains outside.
  2. The auricle is very carefully turned out. Highlighting a flashlight, carefully inspect the inside of the ear. If the skin is clean, smooth, and shiny, and there are no any contaminants, then there is no need for hygiene measures.
  3. Detected small impurities can be removed with a dry swab so as not to irritate the skin again.
  4. If the contaminated areas were quite significant, then the dirt particles are removed using a swab soaked in a disinfectant solution. All movements should be made from the inside out to prevent the sulfur from being pushed into the ear canal. As needed, cotton pads are changed.
  5. Then, more thoroughly and thoroughly treat with cotton buds the entire surface inside the sink. Having soaked them in a disinfectant, gently and carefully wipe the internal folds and bends. No need to try to clean the auditory canal, these actions can accidentally injure the eardrum. The sticks change periodically as they become dirty. Cleaning is only completed when the fleece on the used tool is clean.
  6. If during inspection sulfuric plugs are found, they are soaked with the help of special ear drops, which are instilled with a dispenser or pipette. After the introduction of the solution, the cat’s ear is lightly massaged at the very base, so the liquid is better distributed inside the cavity.
  7. At the end of the manipulations, you should praise the pet and be sure to treat it with a delicious treat.
How to clean cat ears at home

For kittens

For small kittens during hygienic manipulations need a special careful approach. It is recommended to accustom them to such procedures from 2-3 months. Breeders with great experience are advised to use saline or special care products for washing. It is forbidden to use vinegar, soap solution, and alcohol-containing liquids.

Early childhood education

How and with what to clean the ears of the cat, so as not to frighten the animal? Experienced veterinarians and zoopsychologists recommend from a young age to teach a kitten to the procedure for cleaning the ears. In this case, he will be much calmer to tolerate such manipulations in adulthood. A stressed or scared cat will scratch or try to escape from its owner. Ears should be cleaned systematically, depending on the age, nature, and size of the animal’s ears. Regular cleaning procedures will help your pet adapt better to them.

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