Your cat can’t be explained what a “non-working week” or quarantine is. As a result, cats either happily run after the owner and celebrate, or express dissatisfaction with all methods. 5-tv.ru collected quarantine memes and jokes about cats and located out what to try to if you’re already considered as a scratching post. Read the full article to know how to help quarantined cats?

Do not succumb to provocations

Many cats are very happy that their beloved owner is finally the reception. After all, you’ll do such a lot. Play with the owner’s foot, frolic the apartment for a toy, and just chat. These felines are proud of quarantine. so as to not be distracted from remote work, show the animal your employment.

Calm down your cat

Some cats are wont to being home all day alone. Therefore, quarantine can cause stress in them. Cats stray thanks to the very fact that several people are walking around the house, their favorite chairs are occupied, and household members strive to cuddle at any time. These pets aren’t too proud of the corporate of the owners.

To minimize stress, caress the animal, provides it something tasty. Don’t get your pet out of bed or closet against his will! When he calms down and realizes that there’s no danger, he will come to you and provides his love.

Do not forget that animals even have a schedule of activity. Attempt to gradually accustom your pet to new living conditions. The time that you simply spent on training camps and therefore the thanks to work, devoted to communicating with a fluffy household. After an hour of active communication, you and therefore the pet is going to be ready to set about their business.

Take care of your upbringing

In self-isolation, you’ll probably find time for normal training together with your cat. Vladimir Urazhevsky advises to seize the chance and spend time effectively. consult cat handlers and begin raising a pet. Training is often done in reception. Between classes, make the feline enjoyable.

Training video tutorials are available on YouTube and in cat handlers’ communities, so you’ll spend time with benefits, and your relationship together with your pet will become even closer. Remember that a well-bred cat evokes only positive emotions from others.

Show off your pet

In quarantine, you’ll share together with your friends and Internet users funny photos and videos of your pet. Does your animal sleep during a funny pose or is it funny running around the apartment? Do cats discuss how good it had been reception without a master? Take it off!

So you’ll please not only yourself but also colleagues in self-isolation. And if you’re lucky, then a fluffy household will become an online star. But don’t ditch the sense of proportion. A bunch of photographs of your pet within the tape can bore friends and relatives.

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