How to punish a cat: golden rules

How to punish a cat: golden rules
How to punish a cat: golden rules

By their nature, cats are wayward and curious creatures. They give the impression of gentle creatures, but complex, closed creatures hide behind a pretty appearance. Often, owners are faced with unpredictable pet behavior, which must be timely corrected. Read on how to punish a cat and what causes animals to do harmful things.

How to punish a cat- so that they understand?

Socialization and education must be dealt with immediately after the appearance of the baby in the house. The kitten must understand who is in charge of the new family and adequately respond to the requirements of the person.

How to punish a cat: golden rules

Discipline of education

It is necessary to use measures to educate a shy pet, observing the basic rules and principles of the process. Taken steps to eliminate motives can lead to positive results. The main points of education are as follows:

  •   Timeliness. This means that you need to scold at the time of the commission of pranks. Otherwise, the pet will not understand the connection between misconduct and punishment.
  •   Adequacy. The same educational measures cannot be applied to the consequences of misconduct that are different in severity. This will confuse the whisker and will not give a positive result.
  •   Humanity. Sharp shouts, blows with a slipper or hand can lead to the opposite effect. The whisker will become embittered and will act contrary to the owner.

Reasons for disobedience

Despite the fact that a lot of scientific and behavioral research has been carried out, people still can not fully understand the psychological relationship between a pet and a person. Meanwhile, for a comfortable co-existence, it is important to understand the language of the pet and to know the reason for his actions. This is easy for some owners, more difficult for others.

Quite reasonable explanations found for bad deeds. For example, if a fluffy urinates on the carpet, then he most likely expresses dissatisfaction with the new filler, the appearance of a new family member, or the rearrangement of furniture in the room.

Theft of tasty pieces from the host table usually does not contain negativity from the fluffy side. It is just a purely physiological desire to feast on. Torn upholstery or scratched wallpaper may result from inattention on the part of the person or family members.

In general, the cause of disobedience can be determined by short-term or long-term observations. Nobody knows a cat better than the owner, and it is he who sooner or later guesses about the background of all her actions.

How to punish a cat: golden rules

Do you always need to punish a cat for bad actions?

It is quite difficult for a person to read the emotions of a mustachioed friend because the fluffy is not capable of displaying violent feelings. Before punishing a cat for bad behavior, it is necessary to find out the motive for its behavior – what if suddenly punishment is needed, but help?

What habits need correction

Usually any prank to a mustached friend can be explained. Some pet habits can be adjusted and may eventually disappear from the Skoda’s arsenal. So, if a cat stubbornly climbs onto the table in search of goodies, then underfeeding becomes a likely motive.

Sometimes the animal ignores the tray due to its excessive pollution or problems with urination. In this case, just change the filler or consult a veterinarian for advice. 

Acts caused by lack of attention or loneliness (damage to furniture, wallpaper, a bunch in the wrong place) can be adjusted. It is necessary to devote more time to the animal, play with it and caress – or have a partner pet so that they both will not be bored during the absence of people.

How to punish a cat: golden rules

What can not be punished

You can not scold an animal that has just appeared in the house. A new family member needs some time to habituate to the smells and furnishings of another home. Stress from a change of housing, conditions of detention, and new people causes the furry person a serious emotional strain. If during this period he subjected to sharp educational manipulations, the baby is unlikely to understand what they want from him and will shut himself up.

Sometimes a four-legged friend marks everything around because of problems with the genitourinary system. The pain of going to the toilet makes you commit the wrong thing – do not confuse this with harm. 

Other ailments can also lead to deviations in behavior. For them you can’t scold the animal – it’s already bad for it, and it most likely understands that it violates the rules. It just can’t do anything about it. An attentive owner should monitor the health of a mustachioed friend and consult a doctor on time.

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