In this post, I’ll be giving you some beneficial information about tricks to teach your cat. If tigers, lions, and panthers perform in circuses, then the domestic kitty will easily learn a replacement trick. To form a pet happy to execute commands and simply concede to training, adhere to the subsequent rules. how to teach cat tricks?.

You can teach cat tricks only on an empty stomach in order that the pet will dance for the sake of a bit of goodie. Conduct training an hour before feeding.

Always encourage your pet with dry food after completing the team. Otherwise, he will lose interest in the game. Never punish the cat if he refused to perform the trick. Perhaps the pet isn’t hungry or has no mood show patience, to show the cat tricks, it’ll take about 5-7 days.

tricks to teach your cat

Cat Tricks: Sit Team

A very simple trick to coach a cat.
Sit on the sofa and call Murka food. Suggest a couple of things.
Lower your hand with a treat at the extent of the muzzle in order that the kitty is sitting.
Command “Sit” several times, then raise your hand again over the cat’s head.
The pet will insistently demand meowing supplements, and you repeat “sit” again then give food.
If the kitty doesn’t want to take a seat flat, then press and hold the cat’s back, saying the command.
And now we learn what other tricks you’ll teach a cat and a cat.

tricks to teach your cat

Learning the Dance

Seeing a dancing cat, both guests and households are delighted! Rather, learn the command:
Call the tailed beast delicacy and provides a little piece.
Lift the yummy high above the cat in order that it cannot catch you with its claws.
Eureka starts to urge up and walk on his hind legs, trying to grab a tidbit. As soon because the kitty has risen, the command “Dance!”. Treat the pupil.
Repeat this trick 5-6 times.

tricks to teach your cat

“Lie” and “Die”

Name the trick as you wish best, but “Die” looks more spectacular during a feline way. Let’s start the study:
Sit on the ground and entice the mustachioed beast with a treat.
When the cat comes running, lay it on its side, command “Die”, and slip the goodies under the muzzle. Don’t abandoning until you eat it.
Allow the pussies to face up, say “Die” and again roll the cat to the side, giving a treat.
The difficulty during this team is that not every cat will love it when it’s forcibly placed on its side. Does Kitty have an unfriendly temperament? Refuse to review “Die” so as to guard your hands against scratches and bites. However, strong-willed cats are often taught the “Lie” trick. Repeat equivalent steps to show the cat the “Die” trick, but don’t lay it to at least one side, but simply press the body to the ground within the Sphinx pose. Don’t forget to treat your kitty.

How to teach a cat to the To Me

Perhaps this is often the only team that cats perform with great joy. Take a couple of dry food, call the pet, repeating “Come to me!”. Put the yummy on the ground and step back one and a half meters. Now say only “To me!” and show a treat in your hand. in only 3 days, even the foremost harmful cat will learn this command.

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