Pregnant cats, or fondly mentioned as Queens, are known to be incredibly efficient breeders which may get pregnant 2 times a year. They will be impregnated as early as 4 months into their life unless they’ve been spayed. Read the article to know how to tell if your cat is pregnant.

Now, if you feline suddenly stop these behaviors after meeting male cars. Then it’s highly likely that she is now pregnant.

Signs of cat pregnancy, beautiful cat

Signs of a pregnant cat

Morning Sickness

Like humans, felines also experience nausea when they are pregnant. However, they only exhibit signs of nausea for a couple of days. Unlike human mothers-to-be who experience it for weeks and even months. A standard sign of nausea is brief bouts of vomiting which usually happen during the 4th week. She is going to often ignore the food you give her and she or he might not be as receptive as she wont to be.

Nipple Changes

This is the foremost obvious phase change in pregnant felines. Her nipples become more prominent than usual and it’ll start to swell and enlarge as her body prepared to feed her kittens. Its color also changes to pink.

Signs of cat pregnancy, beautiful cat

Behavioral Changes

Your feline will start to exhibit various behavioral changes during the center stages of pregnancy. One of the foremost common changes is that they become more attention-seeking with their owners and that they would follow you all day long. She can also stroke her rounded side against your leg and have louder purrs to urge your attention.

Also, due to the physical changes that she experience, your cat tends to become quieter, sleeper, and calmer and needs to rest more.

Swollen Belly

Pregnant felines will start to develop a rounded and swollen abdomen at about the 30th of gestation. However, just like the changes in her nipples, this might also not that easy to identify . as an example, an overweight cat may appear to possess an enormous, rounded belly.

Signs of cat pregnancy, beautiful cat

Increased Appetite and Weight Gain

As your pregnant feline enters the 6th week, her appetite also will increase. The caloric needs of a pregnant feline double within the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Causing her to realize weight and make her stomach look rounded.

This is quite normal and you are doing not need to worry about overfeeding since she is going to need equally of calorie to feed her young.

Enlarged mamma

During the 8th week, her mammary glands also become prominent, large, and firm. Her nipples become more pointed. And near the top of pregnancy, her mammary glands will start producing milk and you’ll notice yellow discharge.

Signs of cat pregnancy, beautiful cat

Balding on Her Belly

As the final fortnight of cat pregnancy comes, your pregnant feline will experience balding o her belly. This is often a natural action, especially for those breeds with tons of hair that prepare the body to offer birth. The hair should grow back after parturition.

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