Cats and kittens may bite for very different reasons, and it is vital to differentiate between them to assist curb the biting.

The cat protects itself

Studies have found that cats are an animal with strong self-esteem, and therefore the way a kitten protects itself is to scratch others, then escape smoothly, letting itself escape danger. generally, cats are very docile and pets. As long as you do not make them dangerous and threaten them, cats won’t be aggressive

Cats are fun and molars

It should be about two months for the cat to go away from her mother. within the new family, he became an “only child”, therefore the cat treats people (especially human fingers or toes) as their playmates. Lively, naughty, and curious are the character of young cats. Sometimes they wish to hold people’s fingers to bite. On the one hand, they’re playing, and on the opposite hand, they’re grinding teeth during the amount of the cat’s tooth change.

Cat lacks discipline

People always wish to use their hands to tease them. the small teeth of kittens bite in their hands also are funny and not painful, numerous parents of single-child cats haven’t disciplined them, to some extent, Pampering the cat’s biting habits.

There also are people that wish to feed the cat with their hands or play with the toys with their hands. The kitten has not yet learned to shrink its paws. If the owner doesn’t stop, the cat will develop the habit of catching people.

When the cat grows up, the teeth are big and sharp, and therefore the nails are sharp, then you’ll pinch your fingers and grab your arms, but you ca n’t eat it! At this point, it ’s not as easy as trying to discipline.

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