sick cat symptoms: 10 signs that your cat is sick

Whether our cat is sick or not, we may not know it. Because, for one thing, we are not professional doctors and do not have enough knowledge. Secondly, cats are experts in hidden diseases, because this is an instinct for survival in the wild. They can protect them. Although domestic cats domesticated for many years, they have the same instinct to protect themselves. Read the full article to know sick cat symptoms.

sick cat symptoms

sick cat symptoms

Vomiting is abnormal for cats. Some people think that it is okay for a cat to vomit every few days. (even if it is dry), thinking that it is a vomiting ball? There are so many hairballs to vomit. Of course, it is true that occasionally vomiting hairballs happen.

Loss of appetite is normal for cats. If your cat does n’t eat occasionally but eats normally at other times, then you should make a long-term diet record. If your cat completely stops eating or only eats a little, unless the stress response just changed the new environment and may not eat for a day or two, otherwise not eating for a few days can cause severe fatty liver or liver fat disease.

sick cat symptoms

Drowsiness is a sign of a problem, which is more difficult to find. If your cat seems to lie often and sleep more than usual, it will usually be accompanied by malaise. At this time, you need to consult the veterinarian to determine.

Changes in breathing, such as wheezing, shortness of breath, and harsh breathing, must not be ignored. If your cat is not breathing properly, it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Ear fluff or ear secretions. It means that your cat has ear infections and even parasites like ear mites. Failure to solve this problem for a long time may cause the eardrum. Moreover, this is very uncomfortable for your cat.

Meowing. Meows become frequent, which may indicate that your cat owner is in pain, stressed, or just bored. Before exploring what this behavior means, it is important to rule out health problems.

sick cat symptoms

Swelling in any part of the body. It may be that the wound has turned into an abscess or even a tumor. Look closely at the swollen area. If it feels hot to the touch, or if it does not improve within a day or two, go to a vet.

Increased appetite can also be a problem. Especially if it suddenly appears on an elderly cat. Hypothyroidism may be one of the reasons, but this needs to be confirmed by a veterinarian. Under normal circumstances, cats are very modest in their diet, because they are naturally required to have strong skills.

Drinking water more frequently is also a sign of problems. It usually means a problem with the kidneys or urethra. Many shit shovel officers estimate that they rarely see cat owners drinking water, so occasionally wet food or broth is necessary. So, if you start to notice that your cat owner prefers to drink water than before, you also need to draw attention.

The sudden increase in tear marks may be related to respiratory infections. This will make your cat feel uncomfortable and stop eating. It transmitted to other cats in your household (if any).

The above are some small knowledge I shared about the health problems of cat owners. If it is helpful to you, please like it and best to pay attention to it. If there are any different opinions, welcome to discuss and discuss it in the comment area.

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