For effective treatment and just the prevention of most diseases, cats diet therapy is used. Achieving stable and long-term remission in some cases is possible only due to a balanced diet of the cat. It will be better if the veterinarian appoints him. In no case do not ignore compliance with the feeding regimen. Read the full article to know about the best diet for cats.

Do not forget that the recommended principles of cooked dishes in this article are purely advisory in nature. The menu for a sick or already recovering pet should be prescribed by a doctor after a thorough examination of all the symptoms. The veterinarian will popularly explain why some types of food should be excluded from the daily diet during the course of treatment, how long to feed the cat in this way. No specialist should give recommendations before the examination – nutrition means an individual approach.

The best diet for cats

cats diet for losing weight

Losing weight takes a lot of time, and unforeseen complications can also occur. In many cases, apply a vegetarian diet, and also monitor the characteristics of the pet. There are several conditions and tips that will help you create a menu for losing the weight of a cat or cat:

  1. To reduce the daily number of calories, you can reduce the number of servings or the number of feeds per day. It is advisable to create a menu with the help of an experienced animal nutritionist.
  2. The cat needs to be given more water because water has properties that help to quickly saturate the body.
  3. An increase in low-calorie supplements, which also helps saturate the body of the pet. For example, use the fortiflor dietary supplement. Feline food can be eaten by a kitten and an adult cat, the drug does not cause diarrhea and has a beneficial effect on the intestines.
  4. If the veterinarian permits, you can increase the cat’s physical activity and play with it more.
  5. The amount of food should be carefully monitored and measured in order to know exactly that the calorie content in the food is not outweighed.
  6. If the owner keeps more than one cat in the house, but more, then they should be fed separately. So that the pet who is on a diet could not get a large overabundance of products, because not only will he have extra pounds, but he may also vomit.
  7. Do not give animals treats that contain fat. Only low-calorie goodies, such as corn, beans, or carrots, should be given.
  8. In order to often not go to the doctor, you can independently weigh the pet.
  9. Food should not cause allergies in cats, because this will lead to severe poisoning. Therefore, be sure to consult a veterinarian before starting a diet.
The best diet for cats
The best diet for cats

Cats Diet for kidney disease

Treatment or just preventive measures for kidney failure in cats involves the development of a special menu by a specialist. Try to reduce the intake of animal protein, phosphorus, sodium, and slightly increase protein calories, potassium, and bicarbonate. It will be useful to establish control of moisture in the feed. In some cases, excessive use of it prescribed, in some – limits its content in the diet to prevent the formation of edema. Most often resort to the use of medicinal feed. This is due to the fact that at home it is very difficult to calculate the ratio of useful and harmful substances in natural products.

The best diet for cats

Cats diet for Urolithiasis

A preliminary determination of the type of urolithiasis (symptoms of the disease read here ) that your pussy suffers is very important. Only after this can it become clear how to change the diet. The presence of struvite kidney stones suggests the complete exclusion of all foods with the high calcium content. Do not feed the cat with cheese and other milk mixtures, egg yolk, yogurt.

The composition of the menu may be as follows:

  • Lean boiled lamb, veal, rabbit,
  • Lightly salted fish (limited)
  • Chicken liver with rice (boiled, small portions),
  • Zucchini, vegetable oil, cauliflower, carrot.

In the presence of oxalate kidney stones, everything that may contain oxalic acid salt should be excluded, and calcium absorption should be reduced. No need to feed murka offal (liver, kidney), milk and its subspecies, fruits, some types of vegetables, or herbs.

Sample menu:

  • Boiled lean meat,
  • Boiled fish
  • Porridge (oatmeal, rice, but on the water),
  • Cauliflower, beans, beets, carrots.

In some cases, with such diseases, fish dishes should be completely excluded from the menu. This item best discussed with your veterinarian individually.

The best diet for cats

How to feed a cat with pancreatitis

The cats diet, in this case, must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Carbohydrates and fats – minimally,
  • Good quality protein foods
  • Served food – easily digestible,
  • Food up to three to five times a day in small quantities,
  • Cooking temperature is slightly higher than room temperature,
  • Grinding the served dishes to the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Exclude broth, soup, fatty meat, fish, almost all vegetables, bread, herbs, and fruits from the diet. In the case of exacerbation – a full post for one to two days.

Approximate Menu:

  • Cereal porridge
  • Clear chicken stock (cooked twice)
  • Lean beef, poultry, lamb, rabbit,
  • Low-fat fish (boiled or steamed),
  • Mashed carrots, zucchini, beets, pumpkins – small portions,
  • Milk and its varieties, eggs,
  • Vegetable oil.
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