There is an opinion that cats have incredibly sharp eyesight and they perfectly see in complete darkness, but at the same time, they absolutely do not distinguish colors and see the world in black and white. However, scientists have proved that all this is nothing more than myths. what colors can cats see are cats color blind?

what colors can cats see

What colors can cats see?

Many do not know for sure whether cats are color blind or not, but they are already in a hurry to make erroneous assumptions and conclusions. As proved by scientists, cats, despite all the previous guesses and hypotheses, are able to see and distinguish some colors, albeit rather weakly.

Unfortunately, green, red, and yellow tones of such animals cannot be distinguished. How many colors a cat sees can be found if you think logically. It turned out that their biological nature laid increased attention to gray, white, and dark tones.

All this is due to some factors inherent in cats, namely:

  • The plant world is painted green, which does not attract the attention of cats at all.
  • The main prey of such animals are mice and rats, which by nature are gray, white or gray-brown.
  • The world at night does not have colorful shades, and cats are accustomed to lead a nocturnal lifestyle.

Two types of receptors on the retina of the cat’s eye are its most important parts, as they are directly responsible for the perception and recognition of color. They are called cones and chopsticks. These pets and people are not much different in this since both of these receptors are inherent in them. The main difference is only in the number of those same receptors. Cats have fewer cones than rods, which is why pets recognize colors much worse than humans, and they have better vision in the dark.

what colors can cats see

What colors the cat does not distinguish at all

Scientists have long studied cat’s vision, conducted a huge number of experiments and experiments. At one of them, for the sake of the experiment, they painted things that were especially attractive to predators – prey and feed. During the test, it turned out that cats do not distinguish between such a range of colors and their tones:

  • red;
  • brown;
  • pink;
  • green;
  • yellow.

Cat’s vision perceives these colors as one of many shades of gray. However, the perception of a red tint by the cat’s eye is still unknown.

Thanks to such non-standard vision, cats are able to survive in their natural habitat – fields, and forests. They quickly notice even the smallest movement at a great distance and attack with lightning speed. Moreover, it allows you to quickly hide from larger predators.

what colors can cats see

Why cats see well in the dark

On the Internet there are a large number of photo materials depicting cats with bewitching glowing eyes in the dark. Many are used to believing that it is because of such bright eyes that they are able to see in the darkness almost as clearly as during the day. However, few people know that this assumption is completely erroneous and has nothing to do with reality.

The entire cat family is a representative of farsighted animals that can see their prey from afar and monitor it without scaring it. They are able to perfectly identify and distinguish objects at a distance of no more than ten meters, and their eyes cover a review of 270 degrees. However, their eyeballs are set deep enough, and because of this, the cats have to follow the object, periodically turning their heads. While human eyes can quickly move the viewing angle without changing the position of the head.

There are photosensitive cells in the retina: cones and rods. In the eyes of a cat, there are many more sticks than in humans. They are located closer to each other and due to this form a lens that catches the minimum reflection of light. That is why in dim light or complete darkness, pets see much better than their owners and are able to keep track of their prey with quick movements. And for better orientation, they use a mustache (vibrissa), which sometimes calmly replace their eyes and ears. This is especially evident in deaf or blind cats.

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