what do cats think about

what do cats think about

Cats are cute, gentle and affectionate animals that most people have. House cats are believed to help relieve stress, have healing powers, and simply make a person’s life diverse. Cats are quite intelligent animals, but few people understand what their favorite pets think about, and, accordingly, how to find out their thoughts. Therefore, you should understand the question of how to understand what cats are thinking. Read more to know what do cats think about.

what do cats think about

what do cats think about

What scientists say

According to scientists, cats are very intelligent animals, because without thinking through every step of their own, predators, which are cats, are quite difficult to survive in the wild. In addition, pets have complex instincts that are the precursors of reason. But in most cases, the owners cannot understand the true thoughts of their pet and do not know if cats can think at all.

Cats think humans are big cats

There is an opinion that cats represent in their understanding of people as a big cat. They perceive a person as a mother who takes care of them from birth. Therefore, for them, the owner is a big cat without a wool cover, capable of indulging all the whims of the animal, cherishing and pampering.

What cats think of their owners

Lovely pets are by nature freedom-loving animals and have their own feline disposition, so they believe that the owner’s home is their territory where a person settled.

Researchers of feline behavior express the opinion that cats think they are the masters of humans. Accordingly, they are obliged to please them and satisfy requests for food. That is, the owner for them is the getter of food.

what do cats think about

When the owner returned with purchases

Do cats know how to think, this question is interesting to many loving owners. Cats are not only playful, purring creatures, they are able to understand many things from human life and often manipulate people, having learned simple rules.

Interesting! To understand how cats think, it should be borne in mind that pets quickly learn the behavior of people and their gestures.

For example, they remember the actions of a person prior to a shopping trip. Accordingly, the pet will wait for the return of the breadwinner from the store, because various goodies are often bought for him in addition to food.

It is not uncommon for owners to show what they bought for their pet and offer to look into the bag. Thus, the animal remembers the meaning of the ritual. In case a person takes the same bag, the cat already believes that his owner is going to get food for him. How not to believe after that if cats have thoughts.

what do cats think about

How to learn to recognize the thoughts of cats by the tail and muzzle

What the tail is talking about

It is worth taking into account the characteristics of the habits of cats presented by the experts:

  • If cats see a stranger and, for some reason, an unpleasant person for them, they can express their displeasure with a trembling tail raised up. This option may also indicate that the cat, in the presence of kittens, is trying to say that she is afraid for her offspring.
  • When the cat’s tail is kept in a straight position, but its tip is bent in the form of a question mark, this means that the animal is thinking. Most likely, the pet has a good and cheerful mood. But his thoughts are busy with their own affairs, and he does not want to be disturbed.
  • When a pet is not properly cared for, is constantly yelled at and often beaten. It can express its fear in the form of arching its back and tucking its tail under itself. Sometimes the pet shows its fear by fluffing its tail.
  • If the fifth point is down, this indicates that the animal is sad.
  • Tail twitching can mean the animal is experiencing an unusual course of business. A similar manifestation arises, for example, due to moving to a new place of residence. Collecting things causes the pet to misunderstand what is happening, and why they cannot stay in the same place.
  • If a cat or cat begins to beat its tail, shake and meow nervously. It means that someone or something is causing them fear. Do not forget that cats have excellent eyesight, and they can see what is invisible to humans at first glance. In this case, it is necessary to understand what kind of object provoked this behavior of the pet.
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