Half of the inhabitants of the earth have four-legged pets in their homes. They take care of them, cherish, love them as family members, and they grieve very much when one of them passes away. The owners want to believe that the life of their pets does not just leave the physical body, but has its continuation in the subtle world. Read on to know what happens to a cat’s body after death.

what happens to a cat's body after death

what happens to a cat’s body after death

Does a cat have a soul according to Orthodoxy: the opinion of the church

The Church does not deny the presence of a soul in the representatives of the feline, but categorically rejects its immortality, condemning those who put the spirit of people and cats on a par. It is the responsibility of an Orthodox person to love everything that has been created by the Almighty, but their departure from life should not cause excessive grief, which tells about the incorrectness of spiritual development.

Note!  Many ministers of the church respect cats, allowing them to freely enter the church and sleep at the altar. They are sure that where the cat sleeps, the place cannot be bad. There is nothing wrong with praying for the health of your pet.

There is a version according to which the Almighty endowed the cat with a soul that allows her to go to heaven for her merits in saving everyone who inhabited the ark during the Great Flood. Then she stopped in time the distraught mouse, which was trying to gnaw through the wooden support of the ship.

Europeans consider Saint Gertrude, who became the abbess of the monastery at the age of 21 and died, like her beloved Jesus, at the age of 33, the patroness and patroness of cats.

what happens to a cat's body after death

Do cats have a soul and where does it go after death: opinions of psychics

Psychics often say that deceased relatives meet pets on the other side, if they were familiar with them during their lifetime. They pay attention to them, help them adapt in a new guise for them. If the animal after death cannot stop suffering in separation from the owner, he is helped to return back to earth in the near future.

  • For your information!  According to M. Newton’s research, each animal endowed with its own intelligent energy, distinguishable from each other, and not similar to the human soul.

my cat died what do I do with the body

The death of a beloved pet or his death as a result of old age is always a tragedy for its owner. It is impossible to forget the last look of a dying pet, the bitterness of irreplaceable loss lies like a stone on the heart for many years. After the incident, the question arises about the burial of a cat or kitty.

It turns out that this associated with some difficulties. Pet cemeteries are few and far between. In every big city, there are organizations that help in the burial of four-legged pets. True, it is not cheap.

  • Note!  You can, of course, burn the animal or bury it in the front garden at the summer cottage, but this can harm the environment, the body can be dug up and eaten by other animals.

It’s easier to contact special services and cremate your kitty. Cremation also costs money, but it’s better than throwing the deceased into the trash can or burying in the wrong place, then paying a fine for it. Some people leave an urn with the ashes of a pet at home as a reminder of it.

The life of seals is much shorter than that of a human; they grow up quickly and die early, no matter how much they want it. Clairvoyants see how cats go to another world on the rainbow. Some of them are unable to part with their master and continue to be around.

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