Very often, owners of domestic cats observe a touching picture – the cat sleeps on its back, spreading its legs. In most cases, this position indicates that the puffy is happy, he completely trusts his masters. And only sometimes lying on your back is cause for concern, as it signals a malfunction in the cat’s body. So why do cats lay on their backs? List and explanation of possible causes.

why do cats lay on their backs

Why does a cat like to lie on its back?

It’s no secret that animals take the most unrealistic, sometimes hanging, poses, and places that are not at all suitable for this matter for sleep: batteries, trees, flower pots, the owner’s face.


The pose on the back with the legs up is a sign that the fluffy fully trusts the environment and the person. This is possible only when a warm relationship is established between the owner and the animal. The cat sees protection in a person and entrusts him with the protection of his sleep. Also at the same time, pussies can bend, hang from surfaces – so they express complete happiness and contentment with life.


For little kittens, mother licks her tongue with her tongue, while she pays special attention to her belly. This serves as a necessary hygienic procedure, and a measure of the prevention of digestive problems in the baby. After such a massage, the kitten feels good, he is calm and completely relaxed, quickly falls asleep. A grown-up pet retains this picture from his childhood, and a dream on his back gives him complete peace of mind.

why do cats lay on their backs


Cats have a sensitive spine, they need a soft surface for sleep and complete relaxation. Lying on his back on the spine does not press anything, the animal enjoys.


The heat and stuffiness “knocks” the cat on its back and makes it spread its legs in different directions, as in this position the body cools faster. This is because heat transfer in the abdomen occurs faster due to the smaller volume of the coat. Cats in this position are “aired.”


Characteristic for uncastrated male cats. The animal feels discomfort in the groin, and an open pose with its legs up allows you to reduce stress and inconvenience caused by excitement.


After the cat is full, he craves rest and relaxation. And here a problem arises: curl up because of a full stomach or lie on your paws uncomfortable or even painful. Therefore, the animal falls on its side or lies on its back so that nothing presses on a full stomach.

why do cats lay on their backs


A pose lying on your back can also serve as a signal about the development of some pathologies. It can be diseases of the intestines, kidneys, inflammatory processes in the body. The cat falls on his back, while he does not allow the owners to approach him, does not allow him to touch (attempts to probe the abdomen will cause attacks of aggression in the animal). Additional symptoms are present:

  • lack of appetite;
  • stool disorders;
  • constant meow;
  • general lethargy or restless behavior.

Does the sleeping position depend on the breed?

This is not to say that there are unique breeds that have a special relationship to sleep on their backs. Having excellent health and getting enough pleasure from life, that the sphinxes that the British behave the same in this regard.

The only thing that affects the cat’s choice of posture for rest is the density and density of the coat. In favorable conditions, cats with an unequal coat can feel differently. The one with a rare and small hair is likely to lie on its paws or curl up, but a cat with a longer and thicker hair will fall asleep on its side or roll over onto its back.


Cats do not suffer from insomnia, for which they are often called lazy and sleepyheads. This is especially true for pets, as they are less active. Receiving all the necessary food from the owner on a plate, they can only play with a candy wrapper for several minutes before again plunging into the dream world.

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