Our cats are real sleep gurus! They can sleep anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances. Even a quick search on the Internet will show thousands of photos of sleeping cats in cute or funny poses. But why do cats sleep so much, and what happens in their head when they sleep?

why do cats sleep so much

cats sleep too much,sleeping cat

Long sleep is in your cat’s genes

Let’s first look at how long cats sleep on average. Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, and older cats spend even more time at rest – up to 20 hours a day. This sleeping habit is the result of cat evolution, eating habits, and physiology. In the wild, cats have to hunt in order to feed and survive, and tracing prey, chasing, and killing takes them a lot of energy. Sleep helps cats maintain energy between hunting and eating sessions.

Cats do not always sleep soundly

While Answering the question you should also consider how they sleep. Of the time that cats spend in their sleep, about three-quarters is what we can call nap. In this state, cats can relax, close their eyes and rest, but they are still alert enough to wake up at any moment. You can determine when the cat is napping, by the movements of its body – the ears will twitch and turn in the direction of the noise, and the eyes may be slightly open. Even when cats are sitting upright, they can doze off a bit.

cats sleep too much, lovely cat with green eyes

Cats, however, are able to sleep deeply and even dream

When cats are in deep slee, they tend to curl up in a ball, closing their eyes tightly. Sometimes they can even put their tail on their muzzle, like a fluffy sleep mask, or cover their eyes from the light with a paw. Deep sleep is critical to the body’s ability to regenerate itself and maintain health and activity. Also, this is the time when your cat dreams. If you saw your cat’s mustache or paws twitching in a dream, this is a sign that the cat is dreaming.

Some cats snore while they are sleeping

Cats snore because the airways are closed by a fold of soft palate skin. This happens when the cat is relaxed and deeply asleep. Snoring is more common in brachycephalic cat breeds such as Persian, Himalayan, or exotic shorthair. Cats that have suffered rhinotracheitis can also suffer snoring, but, in fact, they do not snore, but simply snort loudly.

cats sleep too much, white sleeping cat

Changing your cat’s sleeping habits may be a sign of problems.

Does a cat sleep too much or sleep too little? After all, all this is very individual!

If you have a feeling that your cat has begun to sleep much more or much less than usual, consult your veterinarian. Excessive sleep can be a sign of illness or pain, and frequent wakefulness can indicate a problem such as hyperthyroidism in cats.

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