Cats are beautiful creatures. Most of the time they are cute, playful, and affectionate, but there are times when you can see hatred and anger in their eyes. They have their own reasons for why they hate us, which few people know about. Read on the full article to know why does your cat hate you.

Why does my cat hate me
Why does my cat hate me

Reasons why does your cat hate you

Cats hate to wear clothes

According to Wide Open Pets, cats hate like something against their fur, mainly because they do not need it. In sweaters and sweaters, they can feel uncomfortable. If your cat reacted calmly to the fitting process, be sure to check if these outfits will prevent you from going to the toilet or taking a walk

The cat hates being a model

Of course, you can take a couple of pictures of your pet, but in this matter, you need to know the measure. No one will like being in front of the camera 24/7. In addition, the flash on the phone may be too sharp for the pet.

Cats do not understand when the owner begins to meow

Cats begin to meow only in order to attract the attention of a person, and not in order to talk with a relative. But they do not expect to meow from us. That is, at the moment when you are trying to “communicate” with your pet, he thinks that you need something from him, and when there is no reason, he starts to panic.

Change is stress

A new type of food, moving, going to the vet, new family members – all this badly affects the pet. Therefore, if you are planning something, prepare a little puss in advance to avoid strong pressure.

Why does my cat hate me
Why does my cat hate me

Eye contact only for competitors

Cats communicate using eye contact. So they establish dominance. If you avoid the cat’s gaze, then it can be perceived as your losing, and now your pet has become the master of the situation. If you look into each other’s eyes for too long, the cat will think that this is a manifestation of aggression.

Cats hate being kids

These wonderful animals love to lie on your lap and cuddle when you come home from work. But as soon as they feel how you are restricting this freedom, that is, you begin to hold them, they cease to feel confident and want to return to the floor as quickly as possible.

Why does my cat hate me
Why does my cat hate me

Some cats do not consider a person safe for itself,

Scientists from the UK came to this conclusion, who in 2015 conducted a test for the reaction of cats in strange situations for them. 20 domestic cats and cats were tested to recognize the level of anxiety and suffering of animals in an unfamiliar environment. It turned out that in the absence of owners, cats did not feel much worse than with their presence. Many did not react at all – in solitude they were quite comfortable.

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