Cat owners report that biting cats is the second most common behavioral problem after inappropriate urination. This is because personality traits are as diverse among cats as in humans. The initial upbringing of a cat has a significant impact on subsequent aggressive behavior, but a variety of genetic prerequisites are the largest cause of aggression problems in cats. Read the full article to know why is your cat attacking you.

Reasons why your cat attacking you

why is my cat attacking me all of a sudden

Wrong education

Attacking on the owner by an already adult domestic cat are often associated with his improper upbringing from childhood. A little kitten is not weaned from the habit of biting its owner’s leg or arm. Lack of punishment is an incentive to continue such behavior.

Breed Features

The predator instinct is one of the manifestations of the cat’s natural features. This behavior is characteristic of the game. However, the game is only for man, while for a pet it is a hunt.

Sometimes the cat’s roar is connected with his desire to show himself as the master of the situation. Even if the pet is the only animal in the house, its hunting instinct manifests itself at the genetic level.

Separation from mom

The condition of the pet, in which his needs are not satisfied, is called frustration. For example, early separation from mom or improper weaning from cat’s milk. As a result of the latter, the cat cannot independently get its own food. This instinct should have been taught by a cat. Signs of this condition:

  • The cat has become aggressive, attacks the mistress, even if she trusts her;
  • The pet growls if it has not received the proper reward;
  • Growls loudly and rushes about at the door.
why is my cat attacking me all of a sudden

Other reasons

Resentment – a fairly common situation in which a cat attacks the owners. If the pet believes that he was wrongly wronged, he can take revenge and behave aggressively, even when the owner takes care of him in his arms. You should apply the trick and try to appease the pet using treats.

Another significant reason is the situation when the cat does not like to be in a large crowd of people, play with children or pass from hand to hand. He may be dissatisfied with the situation and, as a result, attack those who bother him. To eliminate the factor, isolate the animal in a separate room or on the balcony, especially when it comes to children.

The cause of aggressive behavior may be the pregnancy of a cat. This is a natural condition in which the female can attack in order to protect her still unborn kittens. It is enough to make it clear to her that she can trust the owner. This behavior will disappear.

why is my cat attacking me all of a sudden

A painful state can cause aggression, the animal can get furious at any time. In such a situation, the pet wants to be touched and disturbed as little as possible. To recognize the state of the disease, it is enough to follow the pet for just a while. If the manifestation of other signs is noticeable: poor appearance, apathy, poor sleep, refusal to eat, then you should visit a veterinarian to establish a diagnosis and conduct timely treatment.

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